About us

Burlap Basement is a small but growing family owned company based in Arkansas, USA. Forests, rivers and hills are our backyard and we cherish the natural habitat with peaceful hikes throughout the Ozark Mountain region. This setting is what inspires the decorative style of products you will find throughout our store.

Burlap Basement evolves to meet the needs of our customers – crafters, gardeners, DIY brides, home decorators and event planners. We appreciate your support and will continue to offer carefully selected products to meet the discerning taste of our customer base. Our goal is to provide quality burlap and rustic style products which will inspire and make our customers projects a success.

      Burlap Is Eco-Friendly

       Hessian or Burlap (named in the US and Canada) is a woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant, one of the strongest textile crops in the world. After cotton, it is the second most important vegetable fiber in the world. It is an eco-friendly material used for rugs, fabrics and more. At Burlap Basement, we use it to inspire the rustic design elements of nature for weddings, special events and home decor.