Each year around Thanksgiving, our family will go to a nearby sanctuary lake to view the swans which are migrating south. This is one of the photos I took during our annual family trek.



The times we share as a family inspire the course of the products we select at Burlap Basement.

Utilizing the simplicity of nature can brighten any space and treasuring our environment is sharing life in the most beautiful way!

Challenging ourselves to not only view nature but to try to save our environment is a small step we can take each day. Carry an eco-friendly jute tote bag on your next shopping trip. Replace the use of plastic one day at a time.

The jute tote bags we carry at Burlap Basement are  made out of 100% natural jute fiber which is strong and durable, and they are made to last. These eco-friendly and recyclable bags with reinforced stitched seams help to ensure that it is strong enough to hold all of your items. Our natural jute tote bags are perfect for shopping bags, beach gear, arts & crafts, gifts, school supplies, church events, wedding parties and more...

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