Do you remember starting out in life with your first real job. Gone were the days of shorts and flip flops. You looked in your closet and realized you needed an entire new wardrobe. Yikes!

Thankful for moms advice, you went and got the basics: khaki pants, black pants, blue pants and shirts to mix and match. You looked great, you felt great and you didn’t spend a fortune!

We should all listen to mom. The same advice can be used when creating your decorative statement in your home.   

  1. Don’t spend a fortune

  2. Grab your basics

  3. Accessorize, Accessorize

  4. Mix it up season after season

Wreaths are perfect for this and can add so much to your space whether on the front door, part of a wall collage, used as a table centerpiece or hanging over the mantle.  

By buying the basics, you can stay on a budget and keep your home fresh and new season after season.

Accessorize! Mix it up! Be Creative! …Have fun!


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