Memories make up the story of our lives and it is these experiences and traditions that keep our families strong.  

Years past, our family went to an outdoor flea market where one craftsman was selling a grapevine wreath. The wreath was decorated with  small wooden gingerbread men we personalized with each child’s name. As our family grew, we added more gingerbread men to our wreath. Each winter we hang this wreath that holds the tradition and memories of our family.  

At Burlap Basement, we want to inspire our customers with simple, fun, creative decor that can tell your story for years to come.  We offer a set of basic, nature-inspired wreaths that can be used over and over and in any season. Decorate with lights, ribbons, flora or even little gingerbread men.  

Here is an easy personalized wreath you can make for your family celebrating the story of your lives year after year. Enjoy!



  • Dragonvine Wreath

  • Wooden Stars (Pre-Punched Hole)

  • Jute Ribbon with Stars

  • Spray Paint

  • Jute Twine

  • Paint Marker


  1. Spray Paint Stars (Front and Back) allowing them to dry on each side

  2. Print Names On Each Star with Paint Marker. 

  3. Cut 4 Lengths of Jute Twine (15 Inches For This Twig Wreath) and feed twine through each stars punch hole. Tie around wreath and create a small bow in front.

  4. Tie Jute Ribbon Bow with Stars. Attach around wreath by utilizing extra Jute Twine.

This personalized wreath takes less than 10 minutes (except for paint drying time) to assemble. Give as a gift or craft for your own family!