A wedding is a wonderful time in life to celebrate love and commitment.

Planning a wedding however, can be stressful so most of us need to find ways to decrease the budget and simplify where we can.

Cotton is a natural element that can bring a special touch of warmth to your special day. There are multiple ways you can add cotton to your wedding from table centerpieces, altar arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more.

The great advantage is that it’s inexpensive and long-lasting, so you can make arrangements beforehand and be worry-free knowing that it will be ready and perfect when the time arrives.


Use Cotton Stems for a beautiful touch to wedding bouquets and bouttonnieres.  




Cotton Balls are an easy pre-made option to add to your centerpieces or wedding aisle decor. 


Using Cotton Bolls in you hair is unique and simply elegant. 


There are So Many Options!

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